If price and portability are more important considerations for you than performance and ergonomics, we found a lot to like about the Monoprice 38071 Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter and Receiver. FireFly Bluetooth Music Receiver The Worlds Smallest Audio Adapter. It makes perfect sense to buy the best Bluetooth audio receiver If you already own a good home stereo system, rather than buying a top end Bluetooth speaker. I hope this is of some help. Hope Ive been of some help. have a great day, and thanks for commenting. If you have a high-end audio system or would prefer a Bluetooth audio receiver with digital audio outputs, the iFi Audio Zen Blue V2 was without question the best-sounding Bluetooth receiver we evaluated in our latest round of tests. Features an LED indicator to let you know which codec is currently being used. The Audioengine B1 is an Audiophile quality Bluetooth receiver featuring aptX codecs, 24-bit up-sampling and DAC. In fact, my entire purpose was to stream hi res from Tidal using my old Nexus 7. These are the speakers to do it. First, the Bluetooth chip set built into the receiver decodes the encoded wireless signal sent from the transmitting device (thats where the codec comes into play). Thanks in advance. That decoded digital signal then has to be converted into an analog signal by a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) before it can play through your speakers. LDAC allows you to enjoy high-quality wireless audio via Bluetooth with 3x the data transmitted supporting the transfer of 24-bit, 96 kHz (Hi-Res) audio. more info. Great, useful article. The Zen Air Blue doesnt come with audio cables of any sort, so you need to purchase a good pair of stereo RCA interconnects. A whopping 100m! No matter what kind of turntable and audio gear you have, it is possible to get them working together. I only want a bluetooth receiver to be able to stream audio from a mobile device to the speakers for casual listening. If the iFi Zen Blue V2 is not available: Our previous upgrade pick, the Audioengine B1, is still a fantastic Bluetooth audio receiver in every respect. Sony phones and portable media players rely on LDAC for a higher-quality wireless connection, and newer Huawei mobile devices use a similar codec called LHDC/HWA. If youre shopping for something more portable, we have other guides for you. If you know of a new Bluetooth stereo receiver that you think belongs on our list of the best Bluetooth receivers of 2022 (especially if it features Bluetooth 5.0) please leave a comment below or contact us and well be sure to check it out. As much as Id like to get the Audioengine B1 bluetooth music receiver I think the price is a little extreme, it looks like the only one that has a digital audio output though which would be nice to use. But as with the Monoprice, the sound quality of its analog output left something to be desired in our tests, despite the fact that its digital output was quite good for the price. Secondly the type of bluetooth streaming method that you are using. Thats significant because, before the Zen Air Blue arrived, the Zen Blue V2 was our clear and obvious winner in audio fidelity. I am not sure that makes sense since bluetooth simply passes along a data stream. Hi, I was just curious if you have come across the Bt-Pro made by radial engineering. But the performance of the 38071s analog output leaves something to be desired, and this receiver has some operational quirks that make it less user-friendly than the iFi receivers. my rest of the audio gear is over $100,000 and this purchase was just for fun to bring back some life into a vintage amp from early 1990s, and this lovely little product just did that!!! dual The Zen Blue V2 adds a 4.4 mm balanced analog connection if you want to pair it with a headphone amplifier that supports such a connection. In such scenarios, Low Latency is critical. Hi Steven, I think EarStudio ES100 should be added to this post, along with Visoud Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver. In other words, you cant just connect it to the back of your stereo receiver and forget about it. In my audio comparisons, I couldnt hear a meaningful difference between the DAC in this little $100 box and the DAC in the $1,100 Rotel A12 MKII integrated amplifier that I used for testing. Having an independent Bluetooth hi-fi adapter that can be upgraded seems like the way to go. Its range equaled that of the Monoprice and Anker models at around 31 feet through five walls. This audio adapter has an integrated battery with up to 25 hours of playtime, however, you can leave it connected to a power source via the USB charging cable. This criterion eliminated a lot of potential competitors. As we started our testing, we were concerned about the lack of models in the price range of our previous top pick, the StarTech BT2A, which sold for about $75 before it was discontinued. Not yet Im afraid, As soon as they hit the market Ill be sure to add them to the list, Thanks for commenting. And if yes. The 1Mii B06 Plus Bluetooth audio receiver is one of our favourite Bluetooth adapters still running on Bluetooth 4.2. If youre in either of those groups, sound quality is probably your number one priority. This was the only receiver in the bunch to be completely unaffected by proximity to my Wi-Ficonnected Samsung refrigerator, and it was the only model that I could bring with me into the kitchen while the microwave oven was running, though even it started to sputter and skip if I moved my phone within 3 feet of the microwave. Hi James, Its effective range inside my home was 40 feet through six walls, the second best result among all the receivers we tested. In practice, we found that the quality of the Bluetooth receiver and its digital-to-analog converter had far more impact on sound quality than did the codec, although we didnt have any aptX Adaptive, LDAC, or LHDC sources to test with. In order for this to work, you would need an aptX low latency Transceiver and also either an aptX low latency receiver or compatible speakers / headphones. The always-on nature of the Zen Air Blue can be both a blessing and a curse. Do you have concerns about reliability, some other performance factor (usability, range, codecs, etc) or is your rating based on the beautiful case of the Audioengine? You get what you pay for I suppose. The Anker version comes with a power brick but no optical cable, whereas the Monoprice model comes with an optical cable but no power brick. Thanks for your comment, there is a cheaper bluetooth receiver with DAC output, by a company called NEET although its currently only available in the UK Here is a link. From the very first note, the Zen Air Blue never failed to deliver sound. Or is it designed to work with Bose speakers only. Someone needs to design a Multi-Bluetooth Connecting Audio Mixer. Add those two possible extra purchases together, and the effective price of the Zen Air Blue is at least $10 to $25 more than its price tag indicates, unless you happen to have spare audio cables and USB bricks lying around the house unused. The bad part about the Bose that I just bought is that I want to play audio from 3 devices but after pairing your devices, once you connect to one device, you have to turn off the bluetooth for the next device to work. They have two listed called the Coredy BT01 and one by Aukey these Im guessing are the same device with a different brand name. SBC was never indented to produce perfect audio fidelity, the codec is designed to use the least amount of processing power. Any Bluetooth 5.0 compatible Bluetooth Audio receivers out yet? Its really geared more towards PA systems than streaming music at home. It means that you wont have to remember to turn it on before use, but it also means that your portable devices might sometimes connect to the Bluetooth receiver when you dont want them to. Although you can certainly pay more for a Bluetooth receiver to get additional features and even longer range, the iFi Audio Zen Air Blue delivers where it matters most. I got the HomeSpot bluetooth receiver, the pairing was rapid and it sounds perfectly good to me. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It Features aptX HD and low-latency codecs, the latest Bluetooth 5.0, an optimised antenna for a range of up to 100ft (30m) and comes with a 3-year warranty. apt-x compatible phones, Im looking for a good Bluetooth music adapter to use in my car, these all look like they require a power supply. This is because the B1 cannot decode AAC and Apple iPads/iPhones do not support APT-X. din single navigation jvc introduction receiver nx5000 kd specifications features The Zen Blue V2 is a costly but worthwhile upgrade to our top pick if you prefer digital outputs or have a larger home that requires more signal range. This Bluetooth receiver is designed to require manually powering on before use. Many of the receivers Wirecutter has tested for previous iterations of this guide have been discontinued (including our previous top pick) or rely on older versions of Bluetooth. dual The Monoprice 38071 offers buttons to control playback, which are helpful when youre using it as a portable receiver. Stages vary but no bigger than 30 metres. I measured the distance between my stereo system at the front of my house and the most distant spot in my home reliably covered by each receiver, as well as the precise number of sheetrocked walls through which the signal had to pass. Thank you. The expression is: The bitterness of the low quality is remembered long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten. The Auris Blume HD Bluetooth Audio Reciever has a precision-tuned high-gain 100 feet (30m) antenna for long-range Bluetooth streaming and multi-room coverage. The Audio Engine B1 is top quality, I totally agree. The two chassis are different, and the Monoprice version adds front-panel transport controls. The main difference between the two seems to be that the more expensive AEA2700/12 has a low-latency aptX codec. These days, almost all devices that can transmit a Bluetooth signal rely on more sophisticated codecs that offer some combination of lower latency, higher resolution, or higher fidelity. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Zen Blue V2, though, is its incomparable signal range. The difference in digital sound quality between the Zen Blue V2 and the cheapest receivers we evaluated wasnt wholly proportional with the $150 difference in the retail price. To evaluate sound quality, I tested and compared the audio through all available outputs on each Bluetooth receiver. Before you buy one based on this review you need to be aware that if you intend to use it with an iPhone or iPad then you will only get SBC quality sound which is also the poorest. The reason such a function might cause concern is that resampling from 44.1 kHz to 48 kHz can lead to some distortion. More frustrating is the fact that the receiver doesnt come with a USB power adapter.

Assuming you have an AUX in on your car stereo, you can get a small rechargeable Bluetooth music receiver like this one, Whats the best Bluetooth receiver for a TV? more info. It features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a reliable signal and can support 24-bit audio streaming directly from your phone or tablet. If your Bluetooth speaker has apt-X codecs that will help, but for the best possible audio-visual sync its better to have aptX low latency codecs or FastStream. The BT-Pro by Radial has a number of unique features designed to isolate and boost the audio into independent analogue signals. Have a great New Year, and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Thanks, I have learned a lot from your comment. Ill work on producing a features list for each music receiver and improve the page layout. Im looking for the best Bluetooth audio receiver possible, Im guessing that the Audioengine B1, however, Im wondering if I should look for a wireless audio adapter that has Qualcomm Low Latency apt-X codecs so that I can watch movies without experiencing lag between the audio and video? Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times. Whether it's finding great products or discovering helpful advice, we'll help you get it right (the first time). I guess it depends on how fussy you are and what environment you plan on using the Bluetooth receiver. Id be amazed if there isnt a device out there somewhere, like Vertus that did actually get off the ground. If you need more range than the average Bluetooth receiver delivers or if you want a variety of connection options, the iFi Audio Zen Blue V2 is an excellent upgrade option over the Zen Air Blue. No digital interconnects are included, so if you want to make use of either of its digital outputs, you need to buy your own coaxial or optical digital cable. Bluetooth technology is constantly improving, and while most companies will include Bluetooth audio receivers within their Audio products, very few are using premium quality components that youll find inside a dedicated Bluetooth Reciever. Thanks for reminding me. Its more expensive but worth every penny, thanks for the recommendation! In the meantime, these Bluetooth receivers still do a decent job and are perfectly good options for those with dated smartphones or iPhones older than the iPhone8.

So almost 1/3rd in the price. It features Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX Low Latency codecs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are there any bluetooth audio adapters which can pair to each other and split the left and right signals from the source (host)- smartphone? Thanks, Hi Baz, I am planning on building a list of good quality in-car Bluetooth adapters, none of the Bluetooth audio receivers listed above would be suitable unless you powered them with a portable power bank, which is not ideal. I have many Bluetooth audio receivers without aptX LL that Im able to use on the TV with barely any delay. Such a shame as prior to this the sound reproduction was quite good.

Converting a Bluetooth signal to an audio signal that speakers can amplify and play is a multi-step process. -Jake. Hi Leo, thanks for the comment, The Bose Bluetooth music adapter may be a little more expensive than some of the lesser known brands of Bluetooth audio receiver, however,it does allow you to have 3 active connections at any one time. But if youre using this model to feed outdoor speakers by the pool or a PA system at a company picnic or family reunion outdoors, for example, or if youre bringing it with you in the car because your car stereo doesnt support Bluetooth, its sound quality is perfectly fine. Then this to the receiver. But if you have older home-audio gear, such as a beloved stereo receiver or a set of powered speakers, theres a chance that either it lacks Bluetooth connectivity altogether or its Bluetooth reception is poor. If your main priorities when shopping for a Bluetooth receiver are price and portability, as opposed to ergonomics and pristine sound quality, the Monoprice 38071 Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter and Receiver wins out over other comparably priced offerings. As such, the 38071 spent the entire testing period dangling precariously in the air between those two. The Zen Air Blue supports all of the relevant Bluetooth audio codecs (coder/decoders, algorithms that compress audio data to make it easier to transmit wirelessly), so its almost certainly capable of receiving the best Bluetooth signal that your phone, tablet, or computer is capable of transmitting. Its recently been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0 as detailed on the technical specifications page of their website. But as long as youre using its optical output instead of its 3.5 mm analog output, the sound quality is pretty solid. I doesnt appear to have an antenna? Any suggestions? It sounds amazing, it supports all the major Bluetooth audio codecsSBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, aptX LL, LDAC, and LHDC/HWAits a breeze to set up and use, and it includes an assortment of analog and digital audio outputs for greater compatibility with any audio system. For pricier Bluetooth receivers, we also gave preference to those that supported more advanced but less common codecs like LDAC and LHDC/HWA. more info.

As for day-to-day use, a few key things make the Zen Air Blue stand out in its price class. It mostly works great, and the sound quality is fine, but Im getting intermittent breakups where the music stutters or stops for a few seconds, then resumes normally. Many receivers, especially in this price range, mute the audio when no music is playing and often take a second or two to unmute when sensing a signal, but this iFi model never did so. It also has an internal battery with a reported 12 to 20 hours of battery life on a two-hour charge.

The B1 also provided excellent range in and around our test house and lost the signal only when I stepped out the back door. *Price last updated on the 23rd of June 2022 at 09:00 am GMT. Learn more. The BluDento BLT-HD Bluetooth Reciever is a serious contender as the best Bluetooth audio receiver, especially when compared to the price of the Audioengine B1.

If youre only intending to use as an audio receiver, I recommend you look for one thats not a hybrid. What about the others in the main part of the review? errata: 3) Coaxial out [not optical out] as an option [which does not exist in AudioEngine]. MSI Immerse GH50 Review Virtual 7.1 Vibrating Gaming Headset.

Thanks. If you have a high-spec sound system, then its definitely worth paying a little extra for a bluetooth audio receiver with apt-X technology. Not sure if its worth paying the extra for a Bluetooth music receiver with the aptx codecs if I cant make use of them? In our experience, the battery life was consistently close to 15 hours. The Zen Air Blue has no digital audio outputs, which may be a concern for you if the only available audio connection on your home stereo or speakers is optical or coaxial digitalor if you would prefer to use the DAC built into your audio gear (or an external DAC, for that matter). Hi Simon, Thanks, Thanks for leaving a comment, sorry to hear you are having drop-outs, This page may help Stop Bluetooth Interference. Hi Max, Thank you for your feedback. The following list of Bluetooth Audio Receivers are hand-picked to suit those looking for a way to turn a non-Bluetooth home stereo, HiFi, or AV music receiver into a cutting-edge music player that will receive music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Bluetooth signals can sometimes be disrupted by other nearby devices especially if they are on similar bandwidths. I have tried a few hybrid brands and they are all difficult to force Low Latency mode. Ive encountered a device (by Homespot) that will only stay connected while something is playing, and otherwise will disconnect and reconnect every so often. Thanks! It also comes with a 3.5 mmtoRCA adapter that you can use to connect it to a traditional stereo system. more info. The light turns off completely if the signal is encoded with SBC. To fully understand how a Bluetooth audio receiver can affect sound quality, you first must understand how the audio signal travels through it. This Bluetooth receiver supports both SBC and AAC codecs and boasts an impressive range for an audio adapter without an external antenna. I have the Sony BM10, its ace but there is no way its got 100m range, maybe totally unobstructed, but its more like 50m which is still far more than most people would ever need. Its 5-volt DC power cord terminates in a USB Type-A connection, which you can plug into the USB power port on the back of most audio components these days, but if your sound system is older or for whatever reason omits such a connection, you need to buy a good USB wall charger. As always, our list of the Best Bluetooth Receivers of 2022 will continue to evolve as existing Bluetooth receivers update their technology and as new models are released. I recently bought the Logitech Bluetooth Adapter and hooked it up to an older Yamaha receiver. more info. Hi Simon,, great reviews, i just bought the audioengine. should I get a Bluetooth audio receiver that just receives and doesnt also transmit? Any ideas? Its a link to the Avantree apt-X low latency pre-paired bluetooth transmitter and receiver, ideal for streaming from a Television with barely any noticeable audio delay. Just be aware that some sound systems send pass-through power to their USB ports even in standby mode. If you are in the UK, check out this link or click here if you are in the US. It is powered with a DC5V supply and comes with a mains adapter. Nearly every new, mass-market audio device supports the Bluetooth audio protocol in some form or another, which makes it easy for you to stream audio wirelessly from a mobile device to the new soundbar, powered speakers, or AV receiver you just bought. Minix NEO S1, S2 Review Type-C USB Hub with HDMI, Tronsmart PB20 Power Bank Review 20000mAh Portable Phone Charger, Best 20000mAh Power Bank Reviews Top 10 Portable Chargers of, RavPower Wireless Portable Charger Review 10400mAh Powerbank, Spigen Essential 20000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank Review, Ultra Slim 20000mAh Power Bank with Type C USB and Lightning. In addition, you can either leave it connected to power or use it as a portable device, as it has pretty decent battery life. That means the person who needs a Bluetooth audio receiver most likely fits into one of two categories: someone who owns a beloved but older stereo system, computer speaker set, or soundbar that lacks a Bluetooth connection, or someone who wants to upgrade the Bluetooth connectivity of their system to add support for more advanced Bluetooth codecs like AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, aptX LL, LDAC, and LHDC/HWA. When you output an analog signal from a Bluetooth receiver, youre relying on its own internal DAC, and thats where we heard the biggest sound-quality differences among the receivers we tested. Since the DAC built into the Zen Blue V2 is likely as good as the DAC chip built into your audio gear or any standalone DAC you might own, using the Zen Blue V2s digital output may not give you any performance advantages. It supports the most common Bluetooth audio codecs but lacks support for a couple of the more esoteric ones that audiophiles may appreciate. thanks you. Our initial round of testing didnt reveal any truly compelling reason for anyone to purchase any of the receivers in the price range between the Anker Soundsync A3341 (about $45) and the iFi Audio Zen Blue V2 and Audioengine B1 (about $190)that is, until iFi Audio released its new $100 Zen Air Blue just as we were wrapping up. We encountered a few aggravations that keep the 38071 from being ideal for use in a permanent stereo setup. The Blitzwolf Bluetooth Receiver Transmitterboasts the biggest range of any Bluetooth audio receiver currently on the market. The effective range inside my house was around 32 feet through five walls, which put it about on a par with our top pick in terms of reception. It also handled gapless albums like my favorite Grateful Dead concert albums, as well as studio albums like the Black Crowes The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, without any pauses or silences between tracks. The 38071 can function as a Bluetooth receiver or transmitter, though switching between those two modes of operation requires powering the unit off and flipping a toggle switch on its side before powering it back on. Even if your stereo equipment is relatively new, the likelihood that its running a dated Bluetooth version which lacks the latest Qualcomm aptX codecs. The brightech bluetooth music receiver is a great little receiver and the charging port is handy too. I love the sound, build and.optical connection but am beyond distraction with having to connect and unconnect my devices (i use three) any suggestions of a device that has the sound quality and nfc and multiple device connection? I heard the range and speeds waaaaay better than version 4? Handpresso Auto Capsule Review An In-Car Nespresso Coffee Machine. The iFi Audio Zen Air Blue is our favorite due to its excellent range, exhaustive format support, and surprisingly good audio performance for the price. I think its the best Bluetooth hi-fi adapter for streaming multiple devices. For this guide, we did not measure the latency of the Bluetooth receivers. I bought the Brightech Bluetooth audio receiver and couldnt be more happy, the audio quality is ace and its got a handy USB charging port which is really handy for topping up my phone charge. Moreover, youll get a far more reliable Bluetooth connection and a much greater Bluetooth streaming range. These days most mainstream audio electronics have Bluetooth connectivity built in.
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