Traveling is a great way to utilize this prime state of being and explore the world before settling down and starting a career or having a family. Come here to relax and ski your face off. See themenu. You can sit outside on their large patio or get your dance on inside, what used to be, an old Best Auto Parts warehouse.

Many people think they have to leave the country to have some epic adventures, but that just simply isnt true. The amount of natural diversity in Ecuador is jaw-dropping considering its size. Another free attraction in Cape Town is Green Point Park, the same spot where the FIFA World Cup was held in 2010. 1 day ago. Bulgaria prides itself on its dairy production, as well as its roses and rose infusions. Stay in an Airbnb or in a Casa Particular with a local family for about $20-$30 a night. Your 20s should be some of the best, most carefree, and adventurous years of your life. Run around Mississippi Ave., head to Pine State Biscuits for brunch and soak up the craft brews and stellar coffee on every corner.

Check outWorldpackers work exchange programs in Turkey! Turkeyis undoubtedly one of the best places to travel in your 20s (or at any age) on a budget. Youre also only about an hour drive from the famous Joshua Tree National Park whichshould be on everyones bucket list! This cafe offers a wide selection of authentic French pastries and breakfast bites. South Africa is the perfect country for experiencing lots of life-changing moments in one trip. We're not sure which is better, the open atmosphere, Indian spice market-esque dcor,ping pong tables, or the frozen foam-topped beers that are the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day. All 20-somethings love beer and Portland has some of the bestbreweries in the United States. By signing up, I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive emails from POPSUGAR. Bi Rite Creamery: For completely original ice cream flavors like balsamic strawberry, lavender and Sonoma honey, salted caramel, and more, head to one of Bi Rite Creamery's locations. Read other contents that will help you plan your trip. Winter and summer both are great and the main street is perfectly charming. Millenium Park:Although it's a popular tourist destination and one of the most photographed places in the country, it's definitely worth visiting. Go see these affordable countries while you're young, single and without too much responsibility!

The prices for the temples passes are $37 for one day, $62 for three days, and $72 for seven days, which is very reasonable considering tourism is one of Cambodia's main sources of income. Whats not to love about NYC & Brooklyn? From big, popular cities to laid-back coastlines, the United States is made up of so many unique spots that it could be hard to decide where to go next. There's also anentertaining, somewhat creepy/cool "Crown Fountain" that spitswater at you between the months of May and October (think great people watching). Its filled with 20-year-olds day drinking in the many city parks (and no one getting mad or arrested), and theres literally a street festival or beer fest or wine fest or oyster fest every single weekend. Check out Worldpackers work exchange programs in Ecuador! If you really want a good time, stay in South Beach or in the Miami arts district.

In Istanbul, you can enter the famed Blue Mosque for free, as well as roam the seemingly endless stalls of the Grand Bazaar. Eat all the pizza and do not forget to go toPortillos for a Chicago dog or 2nd City Theatre for some amazing improv. You can find a decent hostel in the capital city, Sofia, for only $10-$15 a night, and you'll find that most of the attractions in the city are free. Head up here for the views, a great wine selection, and delicious appetizers (we recommend the sliders and fries!). This small nation in Southeast Asia is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Even the day-to-day expenses in Thailand are affordable.

Turkey is one of our top chosen destinations for an overseas adventure travel. Stay in a hostel in Siem Reap while you plan your stay; some hostels are as cheap as $4 a night and the staff will help you plan your visit to the temples. When traveling in your 20s, San Diego is a perfect place to start. Get a cold brew coffee, made-to-order juice, or served-in-a-coconut water to compliment your sandwich. Visit Kruger National Park for a thrilling safari and spot lions, elephants, leopards, zebras, giraffes, and more in their natural habitat.

It was a good article . Come here and stay awhile, you wont get bored. From there, you can either turn around and head back the way you came, take the ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf, or continue on to Tiburon where you will have the same options for your return. Named after its location along the Equator in South America, Ecuador's warm climate extends from the jungles and waterfalls of the Amazon, to the cloud forests of the north, to the beaches of the western coastline. Explore more jaw-dropping peaks at Table Mountain in Cape Town, one of the most popular cities in South Africa.

You can also find colder weather as you head to higher altitudes, such as the capital city of Quito or the famous volcanoes of Cotopaxi National Park. Spend the day learning about the history of California's wine industry and samplewines as you visit multiple vineyards. Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? The train network connects all the towns of Transylvania with major Romanian cities, and the journeys usually cost around $10-$20.

The Macys Day Parade is also a good (touristy) attraction to check off the bucket list over Thanksgiving if youre into that type of thing. Theres a reason they call it NashVegas! Grab a date shake in Palm Desert and check out the poolat the Saguaro hotel. Avoid the tourist trapsand explore some of the unique, cutting-edge culture the city is famous for. Aside from filling up on food, spend your time in Turkey visiting the unique attractions scattered around the countryside. I particularly love the food truck scene and Torchys Tacos!

Caught between the Mediterranean's intoxicating beauty and the pull of a rich Islamic culture, Turkey represents a wonderfully diverse nation. , Awesome, Youre All Set! MY FAVORITE CITY IN THE USA and the one I recommend most to visit in your 20s!! , whereas eating a massive meal in a restaurant will still cost you only about $5. There are some great hotspots in Mexico to visit while traveling on a budget, such as Mexico City for magnificent architecture and handmade tacos in the street, or Oaxaca for markets selling colorful trinkets and day trips to ancient Aztec Ruins. Keep readin about budget travel with Worldpackers: Create a Worldpackers account to discover the perfect experiences for you, save your favorites, and chat with travelers from our community! Body lotions and cosmetics are exceptionally cheap here, and they are very high quality made from Bulgarian yogurt and rose extract. Go backpacking in the Sawtooths or skiing at the USAs first-ever ski resort at Bald Mountain.

The easiest way to travel through Romania is by train. Get your daily life hack right in your inbox. Thanks for sharing.

Okay, so theres Mardi Grasand you can actually take drinks out of the bars and drink them on the street.

All these prices are pretty cheap for what they're worth. They're almost too pretty to eat, but impossible to resist. We love traveling, we work at Go City it's kind of required. Be sure to stop at High West Distillery (the oldest distillery in UT) and go on a hike close to Deer Valley in the summer.

Enjoy Bostons old-school charm. Luckily, most of Ecuador is budget-friendly, with the exception of maybe the Galapagos Islands. Supposedly the most dangerous road in the world, you can ride from high altitudes with freezing temperatures down into tropical coffee plantations without having to pedal once.

En route to Tiburon, you'll cover long stretches of bayside parks and bike paths.

Live music can be found on any day or night of the week in Austin upholding its title as music capital of the world. The presence of castles, chiming clock towers and cobblestone streets make the city look and feel like a village from a fairytale, especially at Christmas time when the streets fill with markets selling hot mulled wine and the tall pastries known as Trdelniks. For most travelers in their 20's, money is a major obstacle for adventure.

Check outWorldpackers work exchange programs in Nicaragua! Enjoy the beautiful views across the water and check out Pikes Place and the Space Needle. Go to the Unicorn for boozy brunch and eat a dinner of oysters at Taylors Shellfish. in Ecuador is jaw-dropping considering its size.

With a unique history of communism and a colorful culture full of aromatic Latin food, picturesque architecture and of course, Cuban cigars, there is, or example, Dubrovnik is full of rustic old churches and menacing stone walls, many of which were used for filming Game of Thrones. Go to a concert at Red Rocks, check out all of the awesome bars, restaurants, and all the breweries, maybe hit up a dispensary (or dont?). If therewere a nationalfood truck competition going on, Austin would definitely bewinning! Im Katie, a 30 something from Idaho who quit her marketing job in San Francisco, California to travel the world for a year. Check out Worldpackers work exchange programs in Thailand!

Located smack in the middle of Europe, the Czech Republic is a much more affordable destination than its neighbors, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); ABOUT THE COURSE WORK WITH ME THE BLOG INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK PRIVACY POLICY. Copyright 2021 Traveling Spud | All Rights Reserved, The Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway to Sun Valley Idaho, A Guide to Kayaking to Shoshone Falls in Idaho, 25 Things To Do In Marthas Vineyard During the Weekend, What 3 Months Traveling in Europe Cost Me, How to Find the Famous San Francisco Swing, Where to Stay in Tupelo, MS: Hotel Tupelo. San Francisco's geographical location is one of its most desirable traits. To save money on food, visit the V&A Market for super cheap vegan and vegetarian meals, and to save money on accommodation, make sureto check out Worldpackers work exchange programs in South Africa! After experiencing the way of life of the Bolivian locals, venture into breathtaking nature.

Okaytraffic sucks, but LA is a blast. Always wear appropriate clothing in the temples and be kind to the locals. Check out Worldpackers work exchange programs in Peru!

Treat House: Forget cronuts. In most pubs, beer is even cheaper than water, so it's a great country for indulging. 2022 Worldpackers Corp 299 Alhambra Circle. SixtyFive Bar & Cocktail Lounge: With views that rival Top of the Rock, this recently re-opened bar has surprisingly managed to stay under the radar a bit. There are trails for running, cycling, or taking a stroll. Going to New York City just to get a view of the skyline is a perfectly legitimate reason to justify your plane ticket.

While exploring the country, be sure to visit Prague as it's one of the most magical cities in Europe. A totally unique but awesome mix of the following characteristics: an active nightlife, unique-to-the-cityculinary creations, a culturally diverse population, landscape conducive to outdoor activities, and a few more intangible feel-good characteristics that make us want to cancel our return flights and move there when we visit.

If you think we missed a place, let us know where you think the best places are for 20-somethings to visit in the comments, we just might feature it in an upcoming blog post. To find authentic South American culture and unbelievable natural scenery, visit the mysterious country of Bolivia. Some of the best wines in the world come from Napa Valley and Sonoma. Come in the summer or over St. Pattys day and enjoy your time at the beach and on rooftops.

Check out Worldpackers work exchange programs in Mexico! Im sure I missed a bunch so give it to me! This city is FULL of 20-somethings. You can make up for this by eating street food for $1 per meal and buying cheap cocktails in a bar for $2-$3. The art and music scene is fantastic as well as all of the outdoor activities like the swimming holes, parks and boating on Lake Austin!

Though local tour companies in Cusco, you can join a full day guided hike for only $30.

We highly recommend making a stop atCastaways, a beachside party spot with delicious drinks and fun vibes. Turkey. Even if you know which flavor you want to get, ask for a sample of something completely unique. Many travelers visit Cambodia to explore the ancient temples of Siem Reap, and with good reason. Luckily, I've compiled a list of some gorgeous countries that are easy to travel while on a budget. New York City has something to offer everyone (couples, nerds, etc.). Besides being known as "second city" for it being the second to reach the highest population in the U.S, after New York, it perfectly mixes the big city feel withmid-western small-town friendliness. Purchasing a guided tour like zip-lining through the forest costs around $30, so to really save money it's better to hike and explore on your own without a guide. They make great souvenirs and gifts! Check out Worldpackers work exchange programs in Laos! How to Visit Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Zion National Park in One Weekend, The 10 Best Winter Activities in Sun Valley Idaho. This small Central American nation has all the same assets as its neighbor, Costa Rica, but it's much cheaper and much less touristy. I had to put them together because they are equally as cool in my opinion. You can also buy lots of great products in Bulgaria that are normally expensive elsewhere in the world. Make sure to hit up Bourbon Street and dont forget to get beignet at Cafe Du Monde. Give the Cambodians an extra warm thank you when they drive you around in a tuk tuk, serve you their delicious khmer curry in a cafe or sell you discounted clothing in the street market, and remember to appreciate how lucky you are to be able to see their country. 7 hours ago, by Yerin Kim , 30 Places in the US You Should Visit in Your 20s, A Trip to Loza Helped Me Define My Mixed Puerto Rican Identity, These 10 Hard-Side Luggage Pieces Are Equal Parts Practical and Stylish, The Best Personal-Item Carry-On Bags For Flying, 12 Quality Airport Looks That Are Both Cute and Comfortable, Paravel's Aviator Carry-On Suitcase Has My Seal of Approval, Here's How the Bis Weekender Bag Holds Up During a 3-Day Trip, nature-lover who wants to hike the canyons. Dive into the rich nature of Cuba as well by hiking about two miles through Parque El Cubano, and finishing with a swim in the refreshing Javira Waterfall. Whats not to love about LA in your 20s? Lets be friends on Instagram and Tiktok!

Dont forget to have a donut too. It's incredibly cheap to visit and easy to travel through Romania, and you'll be able to see some adorable little villages and impressive castles along the way. For a really fun treat, hit up a Boston Red Sox game! Mexico is more than just tequila and tacos on Cinco De Mayo, it's full of dense jungles and amazing surf breaks and flavorful street food. This is one of the most expensive cities in Croatia, but can still be, . With a unique history of communism and a colorful culture full of aromatic Latin food, picturesque architecture and of course, Cuban cigars, there is no shortage of things to do in Cuba.

The 5 U.S. cities everyone in their 20's should visit are Portland O. is like the Portland M. of the west; it gets overlooked because it's a little out the way, but once you're there, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the cities creativity, chill vibes, and appreciation for bicycles. You can also thrill-seek by hiking active volcanoes and sand-boarding back down, or indulge in some crazy parties on Sunday Funday in San Juan Del Sur. Tartine:Suggested by pretty much anyone who's lived in SF, Tartine is worth the block-long line you'll seeduring peak hours. Summers:Summers serves what ishands-down one of the best egg and avocado sandwiches, like ever. This means luxurious getaways with five-star hotels and first-class flights are often out of the question. I seriously dont think anyone works in San Diego because why would you when you live there? Venture beyond the capital to small towns like Trinidad, where you can take salsa lessons and dance in the streets with locals near Plaza Mayor. One of the highlights of this country is being able to enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine, like stuffed vine leaves, warm eggplant dishes with yogurt sauce, sugary baklava and Turkish delight, savory Gozleme, and tasty Doner kebabs. Definitely be sure to experience some of the food while youre in Austin. 7 hours ago, by Kelsey Garcia A local bus ride in Quito costs $0.20, and buses to different cities throughout the country usually cost between $5-$10.

If you're wondering how to travel on a budget in your 20's, it's by going to places like Thailand. Whether you're a doughnut lover or not, it's a must-see! Why not drive the coast on Highway 1 to San Francisco with your friends while youre at it!

There are so many wonderful outdoor activities to do, theres a fun and laid back nightlife, and its just a great place to visit with friends! If you want to travel Europe on a budget, you can't miss Croatia. Without these famous temples, the country would probably fall deeper into poverty. Grab your friends and head on a road trip to a few of this countrys beautiful U.S. National Parks like Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, and Yosemite! That river reminds me of my hometown.. and your have great shots too! Some people believe the land known as Transylvania is a myth, but it's actually a large region in the eastern European country of Romania. Their retro-Italian-inspired menu has everything from Italian staples like pizza to boozy Popsicle cocktails and the casualseating, turf flooring, and string lights create an inviting and playful atmosphere. Not to mention it's home to the infamous "bean"; the large reflective sculpure that looks like a giant bean. Rent a bike for the day and go on a self-guided tour (moderate ride).

Its definitely a hidden gem.

See all of the fun things to do in Miami, here! Heres my Park City Winter Guide!

Photo Credit: Lois Official Facebook Page[/caption] Lois:Wine enthusiasts will enjoy the carefully selected wines on tap and seriously, well-crafted bites. ), like ever. Tamalpais. Great, Click the Allow Button Above Transport around the country is also great for budget travelers. Sparkling Buddhist temples, limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, lush jungles, bustling cities, Thailand is full of diverse landscapes and welcoming locals. Some of the most popular towns aIong the Transylvanian route are Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, and Sighisoara. Thailand has the appearance and feel of an expensive vacation, but you can easily enjoy the same experience on a budget. Mexico provides travelers with a strong sense of Latin culture that reaches beyond the stereotypes.

VisitingChi-Town is a must in your twenties! Which places did I miss? To enjoy Mexico's beautiful beaches for free, venture to the massive coastline.

You can also try kayaking through the peaceful archipelago of islands known as Si Phan Don, or learn how to rock climb at the limestone cliffs of Tha Khaek. Austin is a 20 somethings playground! Walk down the cobblestone streets on the Freedom Trail and enjoy the awesome nightlife in the pubs on all the small Bostonian streets.

Denver rocks! A luxury guided safari is pricey, but you can purchase a self-drive safari for only $100 a night; this can drop down to as low as $60 a night if you camp.

Recommended route: You'll ride past Crissy Field where you can stop for photos and the best views of the bridge. It feels like youre in Texas, but also feels like youre somewhere totally unique. Visit La Paz, the highest city in the world, to find some interesting witchcraft stores and beautiful handmade accessories from the local farmers. The drive on the way takes you through beautiful Marin County with lots of places to pull over for unbelievable views of downtown San Francisco from atop Mt. Other beautiful cities in Croatia can easily be done on a budget. 8 hours ago, by Amanda Prahl Sofia offers free walking tours, free graffiti tours, free pub crawls and free food tours where you can dive right into the lifestyle of Bulgaria for barely any money at all.. Even if it's a quick weekend trip, it will feed that desire of wanderlust in just a few hours by simply hopping on a train or taking a road trip. in Cape Town is Green Point Park, the same spot where the FIFA World Cup was held in 2010. This city was made for 20-somethings withlots to offerfoodies, micro-brew enthusiasts, activity and adventure-seekers, winos, and more. There's even a live band that plays in the airport. If you haven't already been, Austin is unlike anything you would imagine Texas to be. The lack of tourism in Bulgaria means the locals are thrilled to see tourists and teach them about their culture, so you'll surely be welcomed with open arms here. Since then, I've worked odd jobs and volunteered all over the globe while cultivating passions for hiking, wildlife photography, food, wine, animals, permaculture, and more! Enjoy the races and hang out and drink on the beach! Located at 1311 S. 1st Street, Torchy's Tacos may not necesarily be traditional, but it's definitely delicious! You can also take a bus from Mexico City to visit the incredible pyramids of Teotihuacan, where the entrance fee is less than $4.

This is a bit pricier than a hostel dorm room, but the authentic experience with locals is worth the extra cash. Delicious pastries and bread rolls from a local bakery cost about $0.20, and you can get hearty meals in a restaurant for about $5. Scope out the architecture in Greenmarket Square or the neighborhood of Bo-Kaap, or learn to surf at Muizenberg. Hiking enthusiast? This eastern European country is often overlooked by tourists, but it is a truly amazing nation with a rich history. The food is awesome, the weather is even more awesome and they have so many great bars and restaurants. You can cross so many items off your bucket list in Thailand without spending a ton of money. Ecuador is the perfect country for adventure enthusiasts who love to be outdoors, as the natural beauty is truly endless. Another great experience to have in Peru is hiking Rainbow Mountain, a stunning natural phenomenon where towering mountain peaks are naturally striped with vibrant colors. Each one is more breathtaking than the next.

Complete your profile, watch the video lessons in the Academy, and earn certificates to stand out to hosts. Nicaragua is a great destination for surfers of all levels, as the waves are pumping and the beaches are usually close to empty. We limited our list to five U.S. cities (as opposed to say, 20) because visiting 5 U.S. cities in your 20's is totally doable and we figured that 5 cities could illustrate how diverse U.S. cities are. Coral Gables, FL 33134. Hostels in Laos can cost as little as $5 a night, whereas full meals from street food stalls can cost as little as $2. The visionaries behind The Meatball have taken these Italian classics to a whole new level their creative, gourmet renditions. You can find all of Austin's music eventshere. What more can you ask for? If anything doesnt go as planned with a host, count on WP Insurance and our support team! Split is a lazy beachside town with a whitewashed Old Town Center and a massive park perfect for running and watching sunset; both of these activities are completely free and allow you to explore the beauty and serenity of Split. While paying for your own hot air balloon ride can be expensive (over $100), you can watch them in action from Sunset Point in Red Valley. Suite 403. Spend your days searching for great hikes, hot springs and then enjoying your effort with a nice meal and drinks! The American Dollar is used as the local currency here, though it's recommended to come with smaller bills and some coins as well. Any adventurous 20 year-old could venture to one of these countries and have an enriching experience. A must-see in Romania is Peles Castle, a massive, ornate palace that stands tall in the middle of the thick forest.

Its got everything from beaches to hiking to fabulous nightlife and restaurants. Also, who doesnt love celeb spotting? Confirm your trip to enjoy all of the safety of Worldpackers and become an Explorer. While the debate over whether Turkey is European or Middle-Eastern has not been settled, the affordability of this country remains constant.

There is a lake in Managua in the center of the country that causes the wind to blow offshore towards the coast which makes for perfect, glassy waves year round. You can also spend a day hiking and swimming on the nearby Lokrum Island, which is only a 5 Euro ferry-ride from the city pier.

If a host thinks youre a good fit for their position, theyll pre-approve you. After a trip around the world, my heart chose Idaho. Why not experience them while youre young and able to run up those mountains?! Check outWorldpackers work exchange programs in Cuba!

After your exchange, leave and receive reviews and become an Expert.

While seeking out more unique and affordable ways to travel, it helps to start by researching the world's most budget-friendly countries to visit. Your 20s are a time to get out and explore new cultures, but don't forget to take advantage of the diverse destinations right here in the United States. Your 20's are an incredible time in your life. One of the highlights of this country is being able to enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine, like stuffed vine leaves, warm eggplant dishes with yogurt sauce, sugary baklava and Turkish delight, savory Gozleme, and tasty Doner kebabs. Get your documents and tickets ready for your volunteer trip. If you have a student ID card, you can get a. on climbing the city walls. 1 day ago, by Sabienna Bowman If you're dreaming of visiting Europe but need to travel on a student budget, look no further than Bulgaria. Loreto is also home to historical cave paintings located in the Sierra De La Giganta Mountain Range. Puerto Escondido offers great waves for learning how to surf and a very fun nightlife, and Loreto on the Baja Peninsula has lots of marine wildlife to enjoy while swimming or surfing. Wish I knew those back in my 20's . Not only is everything extremely cheap here, such as food, accommodation and Spanish schools, but the intense local traditions and practically untouched ancient culture makes this country an unforgettable experience. For example, you can get a full plate of fresh Pad Thai or a giant fruit smoothie at a street market for $1.. Whether your main reason for heading to The Met is for the view or to see historically significant art from around the world in person, don't leave NYC without browsing throughat least one museum.

Named after its location along the Equator in South America, Ecuador's warm climate extends from the jungles and waterfalls of the Amazon, to the cloud forests of the north, to the beaches of the western coastline. A comforting mix of eastern European culture and Mediterranean warmth, Croatia is a stunning country to travel though. Check outWorldpackers work exchange programs in the Czech Republic! What more can I say? Check outWorldpackes work exchange programs in Croatia! This place constantly makes the cut on'best doughnut shop' articles year after year. With its consistentlyfair weather and close proximity to wine country, Lake Tahoe, Muir Woods, the Pacific Ocean, and more, there are a whole host of things for visitors to do. Insider tip: if they have the avocado arepa or pork rillettes on the menu, GET THEM. That's what we call a "beertopia". Head to one of our top 4 picks of places to go for a view of the Manhattan skyline. Portland, Oregon is also the micro-brew capital of the nation with more breweries than any other city in the world (52 to be exact)! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This whole city is a party. Some amazing destinations to hike to in Laos include the stunning Kuang Si Falls, which is easily accessible from Luang Prabang, and the unique, remote Katang Villages of Dong Phu Vieng National Protected Area. The easiest way to reach the castle is by taking a quick train from Brasov to the town of Sinaia for the day. Scope out the architecture in Greenmarket Square or the neighborhood of Bo-Kaap, or learn to surf at Muizenberg. This year-round, 70-degree natural spring is located right at Zilker Park.

Welcome to the Traveling Spud! Zagreb, the capital city, is packed with magnificent architecture and cathedrals, so all you need to do is wander around with a camera and you can be entertained for days. Happy Travels! You can also find colder weather as you head to higher altitudes, such as the capital city of Quito or the famous volcanoes of Cotopaxi National Park. Take some time to relax and take in the sweeping views of the picturesque vineyard settings while sipping on a newfound favorite. Dont forget to visit the Parker Palm Springs and go on a hunt for the colorful doors of Palm Springs!

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